PowerSpout Hydro Turbines

PowerSpout's revolutionary line of water turbines produce the same amount of power at half the rotation speed of most comparable micro-hydro turbines, and use two water spouts placing equal pressure on both sides of the centre bearing.

PowerSpout hydro turbines experience less wear and tear during normal use. This means you can expect your PowerSpout to last longer than competing models, making PowerSpout turbines not only more affordable than comparable-output micro-hydro systems based on initial price, but long-term maintenance costs as well. The PowerSpout Calculator for each product allows the novice to do accurate calculations quickly. There are 2 distinct PowerSpout Advanced Calculators to support the 3 product lines. One calculator handles the Pelton (PLT) and Turgo (TRG) lines, and the other handles the Low Head (LH) line of hydro turbines. Please select the appropriate calculator here.

Each PowerSpout model comes with different options, enabling them to be customized for optimal performance in a wide variety of installations. Please contact us with the details of your location (how many feet of head are available at the installation site, and how many gallons per minute flow through the location where the turbine will be installed), and we can work with you to put together the perfect PowerSpout package for your needs!

Introduction to the PowerSpout

Pelton (PLT)

The PowerSpout Pelton (PLT) is a good choice for on and off-grid installations where the turbine head is greater than 30m.

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Turgo (TRG)

The PowerSpout Turgo (TRG) is good choice for on and off grid applications where the head is generally less than 30m.

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Low Head (LH)

The PowerSpout Low Head (LH) is designed for a stream with low water head of upto 5m and is good choice for on and off grid applications.

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